Knitting Tips

TIP - How to Perfectly Split a Single Ball of Yarn into Two Balls February 25 2014

Here is a great tip on how to split a single ball of yarn into two (or more) smaller balls. This is perfect for splitting a ball for use with our Two-at-a-Time Toe-Up Socks pattern.  It is quick and easy ... give it a try!


Toe-Up Socks on Circular Needles November 21 2013

Interested in knitting socks!  Check out our most popular set of YouTube videos.

Part 1 - Casting On

Part 2 - Increasing for Toe Shaping

Part 3 - Turning the Heels

Part 4 - Turning the Heels (Continued)

Part 5 - Completing the Heels

Join Yarn Seamlessly November 02 2013

This video shows you how to invisibly join a new ball of yarn to your work without any bulk, knots or bumps. This method can be used for any weight yarn - from sock to bulky - and even for joining different colours of yarn. It is quick and easy ... give it a try!