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7 Actionable Real Estate SEO Hacks For Real Estate Agents Looking To Get More Leads

If you are in the real estate business, then you will surely understand how important it is to generate leads in real estate with the assistance of realtor SEO. You can have the best properties or the best prices, but if you do not have any new lead that is willing to listen to your proposal, then your business will be paralyzed.

With 90% of home buyers looking into web pages during their home purchase process, your real estate career will suffer a guaranteed instant collision if it does not start generating real estate leads. If you want to protect your business and ensure that it will have a long life, take advantage of real estate SEO and the essential methods to generate real estate leads that each agent and broker needs to increase sales. According to a real estate SEO expert, here are the top 7 SEO hacks to grab leads in the real estate business.

?1. Configure and Optimize Your Web

One of the most common mistakes that you see in most real estate brokers is not fully optimized your online presence. Even if your real estate agent has a website, you need to take your time to optimize SEO, so that potential customers will not reach your competition or will not enter only indexed pages, which is not convenient for your business. Your website should be the primary way to grab as many potential customers in the shortest time possible, that is, generate leads in real estate.

2. Bet on Real Estate Content Marketing

The final thrust you need to use if you want to generate quality leads from the web is by creating quality content published on your website. Content marketing for real estate and inbound marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and allows you to reach the audience you are looking for. If you want to get clients, this step would no longer be optional, but essential for your real estate business. Start by posting articles on your website’s blog, educational videos on social networks and sending the content of interest by email.

3. You Have To Create a Presence on LinkedIn

While we know that Facebook is the largest social network, we firmly believe that LinkedIn is the predominant platform for generating real estate lead opportunities. LinkedIn allows you to follow up with previous contacts, request reviews and link to local groups that have expressed interest in real estate. And, by using the LinkedIn InMail tool, you have an excellent opportunity to contact potential customers.

4. Prepare A Solid Marketing Plan

The first thing you need to be a winning agency is to know where you are going in a clear and precise way. What turnover would you like to get this year realistically? To get an answer to this question, you need to know your supply and demand market and a little to your competition. It is not enough to rely on experience and have these data in your head. You have to design a marketing plan, nothing complicated or academic so that everyone in the company shares it, is committed to fulfilling it and is a tool of motivation and control of objectives.

5. Reduce the Number of Properties You Have For Sale

Select only the most profitable ones. Negotiate with owners that are related to the culture of your agency. It is uncomfortable to get rid of 40% of the real estate you have, but you can trust. It is the best policy to follow. Not because you have more real estate in your portfolio, you will have more sales or more requests for information. If you focus on a few, you will sell them faster and better.

6. Specialize Your Commercial

Specialize a real estate agent in the sale of offices and commercial premises. Specialize to another in a specific type of housing. Specialize another only in rentals. Specialize, specialize. You can dedicate your commercials even by zones. In the beginning, the sales will not improve (the specialization takes time), but they will not get worse either. Be patient, and in about 2-3 months, you will collect the benefits. The great advantage of specialization is that they see them

7. Put Into Practice The Content Real Estate Marketing

It offers free valuable information to your clients in reports, eBooks, videos, blog, articles, etc. in all commercial actions. Market your real estate but always accompanied by free and quality information. Your objective with content real estate marketing is to create a database from which you can extract the most potential customers. This is achieved with a sequence of emails as a final part of the real estate sales funnel.

By applying these seven tricks to your current real estate marketing, you will receive a 100% increase in your monthly benefits. Have faith that the changes will improve your productivity and your interests. Nobody has achieved anything without effort, planning and without adapting to the new times. Start today to change the way you do business by applying real estate marketing intelligently.

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